Cosmic Mint Truffles

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If you've never been a fan of chocolate and mint, these truffles might just convert you 😉

And if you are a fan of chocolate and mint, you'll love them.

Our silky, rich dark chocolate ganache balances the fresh, cooling flavor of organic mint for a truly tantalizing treat.

We wanted to create a truffle that highlights our chocolate... so, we crafted these with silky 70% cacao inside AND out!

It's our duty to carefully combine each ingredient in a way that preserves its true expression and flavor. 

These could be our most rich, indulgent offering... but we strongly urge you to find out for yourself!





Cacao Beans*, Erythritol*,

 Coconut*, MCT Oil(From Coconut),

 Vanilla*, Peppermint Spirits*, Stevia*, Sea Salt.

*Certified Organic

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