Almond Butter Truffles

Almond Butter Truffles

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-Premium raw almond butter encased in our 85% dark chocolate, reminiscent of chocolate chip cookie dough with hints of vanilla and flakes of sea salt.

 -Our chocolate and almonds are gently stone ground in house under 118º


-Fortified with prebiotic, inulin rich sunchoke syrup which imparts divine notes of maple and molasses.  -Each piece is hand decorated with cacao butter for other worldly shine and luster.
-No slavery! Organic cacao from South America does not use slave labor and workers are paid more than Fair-Trade standards. -Raw cacao is highest in magnesium, vitamin C and packed with antioxidants. Minimal processing preserves many of the brain boosting compounds found in chocolate.

-Diabetic, low-carb, and ketogenic/paleo diet friendly.

-Sweetened with certified organic erythritol and non-bitter stevia.

Almond Butter Truffles

We stone grind our own almond butter from raw, organic almonds as the base for our filling, shelled beneath our 70% coconut mylk chocolate. If you love cookie dough, these are the perfect guilt-free chocolate for you!



 Cacao Beans*, Erythritol*,

 Coconut*, Almonds*, Sunchoke Inulin*,

 Vanilla*, Stevia*, Sea Salt.

*Certified Organic

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