About Us

The Story. 

Founder, Jonathan Pantalis

“Pie Kind” was created with the intention of creating the best tasting, purest chocolates and pastries. While the pastries and pie are long gone the love affair with chocolate has only grown stronger. It was our founders greatest pleasure to make people the best food ever with the purest ingredients he could find. It fed his soul. To see others experience joy through one of life’s greatest necessity’s, food. What he had not foreseen when this project was born was the pain that food can cause as well. Before the project could take off fully; perhaps one of the greatest acts of grace in disguise, our founder’s long standing battles with depression and fatigue took a dive for the worse; only to get news that his mother was going through challenges much more severe.

Enough was enough. No love affair with food was worth the pain of losing one’s quality of life or precious time with loved ones. After exhausting the possibilities of conventional medicine, our founder dove deep into research knowing that matters had to be taken into his own hands. He would sometimes spend 8 or more hours a day, on little sleep studying nutrition, the great herbal medicine systems of the world, digging through information he agreed with and not, all sides had to be considered.

It became clear that excess sugar (among other things) in our food was at the root of much of our modern health issues. The vision of Pie was no longer in line. One uncertain night, while driving to the store (probably for chocolate) the upload happened. Phi! The ratio of all growth in our universe! We had to be in alignment with phi; Phi Kind. After applying the basics of all the research, our founder is now full of energy and joy and his mother who has been his lifelong advocate is now well.


Over time the (chocolate) wheel was reinvented, we learned that the roasted coverture (preprocessed bulk chocolate) we were using, went through unnecessary processing.

We no longer saw the need to roast chocolate if the chocolate was dried and fermented properly.

When our founder had his first taste of raw chocolate after researching the numerous benefits of minimally processed chocolate the game was changed forever.

We had to change everything. The sugar had to go, we had to make a chocolate just as delicious as before with non-glycemic sweeteners that were organic and actually found in nature.

Going beyond sugar-free we had to design our chocolates with organic food based colors and add functional ingredients like coconut oil, inulin, turmeric and MCT oil.

There is truly no other chocolate in the world delivering so much function with impeccable aesthetics and divine flavor. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

If you are interested in learning from Jonathan you can attend one of his live webinars here.