Bar Beyond the 7th Galaxy (With Reishi Mushroom Spores)

Bar Beyond the 7th Galaxy (With Reishi Mushroom Spores)

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  • 100% Organic ingredients using our 70% Coconut Milk Dark Chocolate and cracked cell wall reishi mushroom spore extract.

  • Reishi spores are gently extracted using pressure and sound for maximum bioavailability. 

  • The most researched herb in Chinese Medicine, Reishi contains triterpenes and polysaccharides that support healthy immune function.

  • The most potent mushroom extracts come from mushrooms that are grown the natural way, on logs, in the soil. Our spore powder is never grown on grains like most inferior mycelium extracts, commonly found in health food stores.

  • Reishi has traditionally been used to support the heart; regular use may support a calm, peaceful state of mind.

  • This extract is creamy and not bitter; it actually adds another level of creaminess to the chocolate.

Coconut Butter is the purest expression of coconut fat.

Before we had coconut oil, there was the whole coconut.

Our coconut butter is made by grinding dried whole organic coconuts with stone until it is completely smooth.

In our experience coconut butter must be made in small batches to avoid an unpleasant gritty texture.

That’s how we do it.

All the same fats found in coconut oil are also found in the butter (plus more nutrients!)

It’s easy to source cheaper, mass produced coconut “cream” and butter…

But at what cost?

There is no way we could go there, we know the truth.


Cacao Beans*, Erythritol*, Dried Coconut*, Reishi Spore Powder*, Vanilla*, Stevia*. (*Certified Organic)

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