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Chocolate Bar Super Sampler

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Summer Shipping Notice: All orders will include insulation and cold packs free of charge, to protect the chocolate from melting. The additional weight from these materials can increase shipping costs but ensures your chocolate is delivered safely. 

For the person who loves craft chocolate in its purest form.

Each bar starts with our heirloom, organic cacao which we then blend with some of the best ingredients in the world.

This sampler is a great way to try all of our bars (besides limited editions) and includes 2x of each bar.

Bar No. 1

70% cacao content blended with our completely smooth, house made, full-fat coconut butter. 

Has a smooth earthy chocolate taste, no grit and no overwhelming coconut flavor.

This blend is the staple for many of our truffles. 

And for good reason.

Bar No. 2

85% Cacao - our darkest blend.

Has fruity and bright notes, a nice snap and despite its high cacao content, ridiculously smooth.

Share this bar with any chocolate connoisseur - it's sure to delight.

Bar No. 3

Our 70% cacao blended with a reishi mushroom spore extract.

This extract is primarily triterpenes which do not have a mushroom or bitter flavor - in fact it makes the bar creamier.

Reishi has been studied for years for it's properties that can support the immune system. (1)

Bar No. 4

55% Cacao - Coconut Mylk Chocolate

Sweetened with organic monk fruit instead of stevia.

If you are looking for a dairy-free and sugar-free milk chocolate bar - without an overwhelming coconut taste or bitterness from poor quality sweeteners..

This one's for you.



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