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Don't just "Subscribe and Save"...

Get access to unreleased, limited edition, and single run specials including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Special origin, ethically sourced bars with a variety of toppings and superfoods.
  • Limited release truffles that are not available anywhere else.
  • Coconut butter, almond butter and other stone ground delights with exotic and exclusive inclusions.


Just a fraction of the flavors available:

  • Sea salt almond chocolate bar
  • Golden milk truffles
  • Mint chip coconut butter
  • Cinnamon spice truffles

Get this exclusive bundle sent to your mailbox with free shipping and ice packs if it's hot where you live!

Enjoy the same pure, conscious sourcing and exclusive ingredients ...with a variety that only our subscribers will be able to have access to!

And of course, you can cancel any time ...but why would you want to?

Sign up and save today!


You will be automatically charged for this service monthly -

If you order BEFORE the 12th of the month, then you will get this month's box.

If you order your box AFTER the 12th, you will get the next month's box.

Orders placed with additional items will ship with the first subscription box, unless a separate order is placed.

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