Strawberry Coconut Butter Truffles

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Strawberry Coconut Butter Truffles.



What happens when you take our already next level, totally smooth, house-ground coconut butter and add strawberries?

And what about when you take that decadent strawberry coconut butter and combine it with the best heirloom chocolate?

Chocolate & strawberry perfection?

I like to think that nature does most of the work. 

It's our duty to carefully combine each ingredient in a way that preserves its true expression and flavor.

We aren't exactly fans of most flavor extracts....

So, starting with the best organic coconuts and ripe strawberries, which we delicately stone grind until totally smooth and creamy...

We add a splash of organic coconut MCT oil to maximize nutrition.

Finally, the perfectly smooth & buttery center is enrobed with our super creamy 70% dark chocolate... creating one of our best truffles yet!

If strawberry and chocolate is your thing... don't miss these!



Cacao Beans*, Coconut*, Strawberry*, Erythritol*,

 MCT Oil (From Coconut), Vanilla*,  Stevia*, Sea Salt.

*Certified Organic

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